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What is the treatment for recurrent corneal erosion?

Q: I am 24 years of age; 3 years back my eye got hurt by my comb and the other eye got hurt when a kid poked his finger in my eye. Both the times I had severe pain and went to the doctor. He gave me Eye brex drops and after that I was continuing Refresh tears drops for a month. Now after 1 year, my eyes tend to get dry and there is irritation in my eyes. They get very red so the doctor gave me drops and said that the previous wound had ruptured again. Now he has advised me to put Refresh tears in my eyes for 3 months. My worry is that I don't want my eyes to get used to the drops and stop producing? If I don't sleep properly at night I tend to get a burning sensation in my eyes. Please advice.

A:You are describing symptoms of Recurrent Corneal Erosion syndrome, which typically develops after ocular trauma. Due to poor healing and bonding of tissues subsequent to the injury there is a recurrent breakdown of the top epithelial layers of the cornea. The treatment for this condition is lubricating eye drops during the day and the use of a lubricant jelly at bedtime for at least 3 months, which allows the healing to be more permanent. Laser treatment may be required for intractable RCE syndrome or an anterior stromal puncture surgery for areas outsides the visual axis.


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