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What is the treatment for pleomorphic adenoma?

Q: I noticed a lump just below my right ear six months back. My doctor informed me that it was due to dandruff and recommended some antibiotic medicines and some hair oil and ear drops to rectify the problem. But there has been no improvement. Yesterday, I went to an ENT specialist who advised me to undergo the FNAC test for the same. I underwent the FNAC test, and was diagnosed with pleomorphic adenoma. The doctor advised me to get it removed, but also informed me that the tumour is non-cancerous. What is pleomorphic adenoma? Do I need to undergo a surgery? If yes, where can I get it done and what is the expected cost of the surgery?

A:A pleomorphic adenoma is a tumour of a gland that produces saliva in the mouth. Eighty per cent of pleomorphic adenomas of this particular gland are benign, and 20 per cent are cancerous. If your doctor says it is benign, it is very unlikely to be cancerous. However, the problem is that as it grows, the risk of operative complications increases. Therefore, you should get it removed by a good surgeon. You can get it removed at any good, big hospital in your city and preferably by a plastic surgeon. The cost varies; the surgeon's fee is between Rs 5,000-15,000. The total fee is usually about four times the cost of the surgeon's fee. Choose your surgeon carefully, as the complications can be quite debilitating. As I mentioned, a plastic surgeon is better.


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