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What is the treatment for guillain barre syndrome?

Q: I have been diagnosed for guillain barre syndrome, a viral infection in the nerves due to which I am not able to walk. I have been paralysed below my waist. The problem started with pain in my left leg and then went to my right accompanied by extreme sensitivity to touch. Ultimately I was not able to walk or pass urine and stool. Its has been two weeks but things are not improving. The doctors gave some injections, but now all medications are stopped and they say that it will improve in the coming weeks. Will I be able to recover?

A:Guillain barre syndrome normally gets better. The course of treatment is plasmapharesis or IVIG. If you have received injections it must be IVIG course in 5 days and injections cost in an adult about 30,000 per day. If the course given thus recovery is expected slowly and may take 2-3 months. If you have not received IVIG or plasmapharesis where they change your blood and remove the plasma then you should have this treatment.


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