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What is the treatment for fatty liver?

Q: I am a 32-year-old male. I weigh 60 kg and I am 166 cm tall. I have elevated LFT values and elevated triglycerides. I am not diabetic but couple of times I have been diagnosed to be having elevated blood sugar values. Recently I underwent a glucose tolerance test and passed it. My blood sugar seems to be normal. I went for scanning and found that I have a fatty liver. I was diagnosed the same when I was diagnosed to be having elevated blood sugar for the first time two years back. Will these lead to any future complications? I am a pure vegetarian (I do take egg), I don't drink or smoke and I avoid sweet nowadays.

A:I understand that two years back you had elevated blood sugar, but now your sugars are normal. However your LFT and Triglycerides have been elevated and your ultrasound has revealed a fatty liver. In purely medical terms, the condition which you have is known as Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitis. It not such an ominous condition as the term may sound. Basically what happens is that all the extra fat that you eat gets deposited in the liver. In the long run it may cause problems, however you can take the following steps to prevent these problems.

  • Regular aerobic exercise for 30 minutes daily e.g. brisk walk, swimming, bicycling, etc. so that at the end of it you are breathing hard and sweating.
  • Attempt to eat a low fat diet i.e. avoid deep fried food items, pastry, etc.
  • There are reports in the literature that vitamin E 400 i.u once a day helps to reverse non alcoholic staetohepatitis.
All these measures would also help lower your LFT and Triglycerides as well.


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