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What is the treatment for facial palsy?

Q: My 14 years old daughter got a head injury near the right ear. After primary treatment and recovery she got facial palsy on the right side of the face. What will be the treatment?

A:Since the facial palsy is recent, the drug therapy and exercise therapy plus precautions act as a team for faster recovery. First, the right side of face should not be exposed to direct cold exposure. Chewing gum from the affected side is advisable. Blowing the face (making a balloon with cheeks) will help getting the cheeks & lip back in position; air may leak from the corner of lip which can be checked by keeping the patients fist over the lips. Gentle stroking massage in one direction i.e. from the corner of lip (right) to the right sidelock (lower end of the ear) repeatedly for 3-4 min at least thrice a day is recommended. Frowning of eyebrows, if there is involvement of the same. Most of the patients have 100 % recovery and it is faster in young patients.


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