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What is the treatment for diabetic eye problem?

Q: My friend, who is a diabetic, has lost his vision almost completely in his left eye. His right eye vision is diminishing slowly. We met a few eye specialists and though they recommended surgery on his left eye, they are saying it might improve only slightly but don't give any concrete figures regarding the level of improvement. He is currently taking Ayurvedic treatment for blood sugar. After undergoing laser treatment on his right eye, his right eye vision has stabilized little bit. Please advise us what is the recommended method of treatment and can he recover his vision to a decent level?

A:Whatever treatment your friend is taking, the blood sugar has to be controlled. I would recommend good control of diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol level and kidney status (albuminuria). For diabetic retinopathy the recommended treatment is laser or if bleeding has occured then surgery may be tried.


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