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What is the treatment for Dacrocystitis?

Q: What is the treatment for dacrocystitis? Is it necessary to undergo surgery? If yes, who will perform the surgery? Is it ENT surgeon alone or ENT jointly with Eye surgeon? What is the procedure followed for surgery? What is the post operative care period? Is hospitalisation necessary? The above is for my mother aged 69 years; diabetic since 1986; thin built; weighing about 48 kg; 5 feet tall. She does not have other complaints like BP/Ulcer etc. She has been suffering from swelling in the corners of both the eyes for the last 2/3 years. Last month, the swelled portion burst and pus was oozing out. At this point, she was given antibiotics and eye ointment and nasal drops. Surgery has been suggested.

A:Surgery for dacrocystitis is DCR surgery in which opening between the sac and nasal cavity is made. It can be made by the skin approach (EYE surgeon) or from the nose (nasal endoscopic surgeon); both have equal success rate and it depends on the surgeon which technique will suit the patient.


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