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What is the treatment for cataract and glaucoma together?

Q: My father is diabetic for the past 20 years. He is 61 years old. Recently he underwent cataract operation and was also having glaucoma in his right eye. After a month he developed a black spot in his eye. He was given an injection in his eye. Now that spot has almost disappeared but the doctor has suggested two more injections. He's also having cataract in his left eye and probably glaucoma is in that eye as well. He was given injection in both of his eyes. Please suggest.

A:From the information you've provided, it seems your father has had cataract surgery done in one eye and has cataract in the other eye as well. He also has glaucoma. He has also received some injections in the eye; please mention the name of the injections received. It appears that he has either concomitant age related degeneration in his retina or diabetic retinopathy, which explains his black spot. It is difficult to describe the severity of his problem with the information provided and subsequent management. But he needs to undergo investigations in detail or if he has already undergone those, we need to see his reports before we can help you further. The examining doctor should be able to advise you best.


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