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What is the survival rate after a kidney transplant?

Q: Thanks a lot for your reply on kidney failure (dialysis treatment) for my aunt. But as I had written in the last mail that even in case of the close relatives kidney transplantation, the concerned doctor gave a 20-30% assurance. We are not able to understand what her real problem is? If possible please let me know the exact situation she is in? I will be grateful if you could please provide any details.

A:The successful course after kidney transplant depends on many factors including the episodes of acute rejection of the transplanted kidney during the early period immediately after the transplant, age of the donor from whom the kidney was transplanted, how well the donors tissue matched with that of the recipients, the recipients age and presence of other risk factors of kidney disease including diabetes and hypertension in the recipient. Of the mentioned factors, the most important complication after transplantation happens to be the rejection of the transplanted kidney by the body’s immune system. Being compliant with the prescribed immunosuppressive medications under the care of ones nephrologist minimises the chances of this. Studies have shown that a well-matched transplanted kidney can have a survival rate of > 80% at the end of 5 years. Hence, I would encourage your aunt to pursue the kidney transplantation option with her Doctor.


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