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What is the solution for squint?

Q: I am 23 years old and have a power of -1.75 in my right eye and -2 in my left eye. I was wearing glasses for the past 6 years and for the past one year I am wearing contact lenses. I realised lately that I have squint in my eye because of which I am embarrassed to have eye contact with people. Can you suggest me some exercises? Does squint have to do anything with my concentration on the object? I realise about my squint when I talk to people or staring at some object.

A:If you have an intermittent (divergent) squint, it may be possible to control it with the help of convergence exercises. If you realise that you are squinting, then you may be able to control the eye movement as well. Another option available to you is to undergo squint surgery, which can give excellent results. You must seek advice from an ophthalmologist for this.


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