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What is the solution for recurrent nasal polyps?

Q: Three years ago I had huge polyps removed from both my nasal cavities. I have been polyp free in the past 3 years. Now again I have 2 new medium sized polyps one in each side. I want to avoid surgery again. My otolaryngologist put me on Rhinocort Aqua thrice a day, which is an increased dose from my current once a day. This obviously did not work. I recently had a sinus infection and earache, due to which I went back to my ENT doctor. I currently get allergy shots as well, which I thought were helping. Is there anything I can do besides taking the medication and continuing my allergy shots, that might shrink the polyps to at least a size that can be managed or removed without major surgery?

A:You have to accept the fact that most polyps will come back sooner or later, and the purpose of endoscopic sinus surgery (assuming that was done) is to permit as lengthy and comfortable life, with minimal and delayed recurrence. In case you had non endoscopic polypectomy, then the chances of recurrence are 50%, and I would recommend you to go for endoscopic sinus surgery with microdebrider. You are already on local steroid nasal sprays. You could try a short course of Oral steroids (Prednisolone) after asking your doctor. This might reduce the polyps sufficiently for a significant length of time.


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