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What is the solution for dryness in the eyes?

Q: I am a 23 years old female. I have dryness in my eyes. I am undergoing treatment for this in AIIMS. According to the doctors there, if I work on the computer I can get blind. The minute I sit on the computer, my eyes get dry. I have to put a solution for this and after one hour of doing this I am able to work. Can this problem be solved?

A:No body has become blind by using the computer! Today's monitors are extremely safe. They don't emit any radiation to damage the eyes. Most of the dryness that you see today is a lifestyle disease. Rarely it is due to joint diseases, hormones, drug reactions, allergic status etc. Dry eye is a group of diseases. Try to avoid unnecessary medications, into the eye and to the body. Avoid antihistaminics (medicines for the common cold / allergies). Avoid steroid creams, if you are applying them. Blink more often. Lower the position of your monitor so that you are looking down and not straight when you are working on it. There is special furniture available to achieve this. If you are in an AC room, increase the humidity of the room by keeping a well-watered plant close to you. Apply coconut oil on the lids before you sleep. Don't splash water inside your eyes, if you are doing it. Eat food rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, salads and sprouts. Avoid junk food, including fried food and solid fats. You should be feeling better in about a month's time!


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