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What is the remedy for viral conjunctivitis?

Q: For the last two days, I am suffering from an eye disease. My upper eyelid is swollen and I have blurred vision with mucous discharge. The nerves below the upper eyelid and inside the lower eyelid have become deeply red. I have pain in the infected eye. I have got this infection through my wife. She is suffering from this since the last 14 days. Small quantity of blood also oozes out from her eye. It pains badly at night with continuos secretion of mucous. We have tried Renicol eye drops, Norfloxacin, Ciproflax, Ofloxacin and Gatifloxacin, but none of them seems to be working. Please advise.

A:You seem to have a viral conjunctivitis which is very infective and does not respond to antibiotics and it will take its own course and lasts for about two weeks. It will also give you increased sensitivity to bright lights. Antibiotics help to prevent secondary infection. Don't worry, it will clear after about two weeks. Don't let any body share your towels or soap. Wash your hands every time you touch your eyes to wipe tears etc.


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