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What is the remedy for retinal tear with bleeding in the eye?

Q: I am 52 years old and was recently diagnosed with retinal tear with bleeding in my left eye. It just happened with no warning signs. It appeared as a grey film with black specks and lines. I underwent laser operation immediately. A thin opaque veil that seems to be floating in and out of my eye often blurs my vision. My doctor says that these are coagulated blood cells that have settled and would clear up with time but may not completely go away. However, yesterday my right eye too developed the same grey veil floating in and out exactly like my left eye post surgery. I saw my local doctor and he could not find a tear, but is sending me to another specialist. Does this sound like another retinal tear and what is the prognosis?

A:Your symptoms suggest that you had posterior vitreous detachment with a retinal tear in the right eye and the left eye has also probably developed a posterior vitreous detachment (PVD). It is not that a PVD is always associated with a tear, so do not worry if your doctors could not find a tear. However, certain precautions like avoiding any breath-holding exercise, constipation and lifting heavy weights are to be observed. Also report to your doctor urgently if symptoms of flashes of light appears/floaters increase.


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