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What is the remedy for allergy in the eyes?

Q: I have redness, irritation and mild discharge from both the eyes for the last three years. I have taken a lot of drops (steroids) during the last 3 years and have seen many ophthalmologists, but the problem still persists. One ophthalmologist recommended soaking the eyes in a bowl of water. It seemed to provide great relief but it would cause itching in the eyes. To reduce the itching, I used saline water instead of plain water to soak my eyes. It did provide relief; but it gave rise to another problem. The region around the achrymal caruncle (particularly the folds under it) are now always shiny and much more prominent than normal eyes. Is there anything that can be done to improve the look of the eye? What is the remedy for the redness and discharge?

A:Your symptoms and the eye drops you are using seems to suggest that you are having allergy / dryness in your eyes. It is not desirable to soak eyes in water or saline as this dissolves the dirt and germs lodged on the surrounding skin, and transfers them into the eyes, which may cause further allergy and inflammation resulting in itching and redness. Therefore, it is suggested that you avoid soaking your eyes in water or saline. If you can identify some known allergen (e.g. some perfume/cosmetic, shampoo), which induces the symptoms try to avoid it as far as possible. Avoid smoke, dust and heat (e.g. from a heat convectors). While travelling in a car, keep the windows pulled up. Avoid switching on the AC or heat in the car. When going outdoors, you may use sunglasses. You may also use some lubricant drops in addition to anti-allergic drops in consultation with your ophthalmologist.


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