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What is the reason of salt deposits in my eyes?

Q: I am 27 years old. I have -5 power in both the eyes and wear spectacles. I got my eyes checked and the ophthalmologist folded my eye lids and said that I have some salt deposit in my eyes which will have to be removed through a needle after putting some drops into my eyes. What is this? Is the remedy suggested by the doctor the only option?

A:You are having concretions. They are hardened secretions of the glands of conjunctiva, the pink surface structure seen on undersurface of the lid. Concretions can occur spontaneously or after having had trachoma or other type of conjunctivitis. No treatment is required if the concretion size is small and it is not causing discomfort. However, in case irritation is there in the eye, concretions can be removed with the help of a needle. This is a simple OPD procedure, which requires anaesthesia in the form of eye drops and does not require a bandage, post removal.


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