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What is the reason for weight gain after marriage?

Q: I m 24 yrs old homemaker. My height is 5 feet 1 inches. Before wedding my weight was somewhere around 52-55 KGS. I have been married since 1 yr 10 months. & since 7-8 months I have observed I have gained lot of weight. now my weight is 65 KGS which is very much for my height.most of the weight is around my hips & thighs. Since 1 month I started doing 15-20 mins of aerobics. But no use. At the same time I am eating which I guess is a low calories food. I am a pure vegetarian. So I do eat a lot of veggies, fruits. But I am not sure whether eating biscuits, brown bread is good,though. I eat a biscuits with tea & bread sometimes as Break fast. I am really worried DR. please help me out in solving out. Let me say you also that I usually get my periods on 30-40 day. Is this irregular periods? but this time we are trying for a baby & its been more than 2 months I got my periods. But I am for sure thinking its not positive, I am guessing it as a delayed period. DR can you please tell me whats going on in me? is it coz of my irregular periods that i am gaining weight? I would be eargerly waiting for u reply & would like to visit an DR as soon as I read your asnwer.

A:You have asked questions about weight gain and pregnancy. Weight gain in general is the result of imbalance between calories in versus calories out. There is also the genetic component to weight loss. If you have an obese family, you are more likely to struggle with weight. Some general things to do:Dont worry about low calorie foods. One tends to eat larger quantities oflow calorie food, which eventually add up to a lot of total calories. Any extra calories are stored as fat regardless of source. That said, fats are calorie dense, so avoid these. Pay attention to the sensation of satiety. At the first sensation of fullness, stop eating. Dont feel obligated to finish the plate. Take asmall plate and do not go for seconds. Eat a piece of fruit/an ounce of nuts between meals. Drink at least 6-8 eight ounces glasses of water a day. These are all the things you can do with eating.The second component is exercise. You are doing well by doing aerobics. You can do the same exercises two to three times a day, or increase the exercise gradually to 45 minutes a day. The exercise should be intense enough to increase your heart rate to about 80 percent of predicted for your age.(there are age based charts available in exercise books). Rapid weight gain can interfere with regular cycles. You are right aboutbeing concerned with your weight at a your age. If you are trying to get pregnant, and have still not had your period, thentry the home pregnancy test or see you gynaecologist. I would not get concerned about not getting pregnant unless you have tried for 1 year without any results. All the best.


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