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What is the reason for swelling of upper eyelids?

Q: I am 25 years old and I am suffering with swelling of both the eyelids (upper). This problem started 6 years ago, initially I observed little swelling on my right eyelid but gradually it increased and the same happened with my left eyelid too. Initially I even suffered with itching of my eyelids and irritation in my eyes which was more during early hours and when ever I went out and whenever my eyes came in contact with warm water. Now I find itching or irritation rarely but both my eyelids are swollen (not just the tip of the eyelid but the region above it i.e., the entire eyelid and this region is pinkish in colour. Can anything be done to reduce this inflammation? Is there any remedy to this problem and also suggest me what are the dos and don'ts in such situations. Please suggest a solution to my problem.

A:You seem to be having blepharitis with conjunctivitis, which may be infective. You should show your eyes to an eye specialist, so that a proper checkup is done. A treatment through email may be misleading.


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