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What is the reason for premature placenta ageing?

Q: My pregnant wife has completed 30 weeks and 4 days of the gestational term. She underwent an ultrasound scan and the doctor said that it was a case of premature placenta (grade 3 in 31st week). The baby's weight is 1.5 kg and it measures 16 inches from head to toe. Her blood pressure was 120/80 (normal). I read somewhere that premature placenta can lead to complications. Could you please explain these problems?

A:Premature aging (grade 3) of the placenta can occur in conditions like pregnancy induced hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and can be associated with IUGR (small for date baby) and placental insufficiency leading to chronic fetal distress. I suggest you ensure the scan has been done by an experienced sonologist. The findings have to be correlated with the clinical findings. Discuss this scan report with your gynaecologist, and she will guide you as to what to do next- in terms of treatment, and further tests. It is best not to do self diagnosis - since it can lead to unnecessary confusion and stress for you and your wife.


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