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What is the reason for poor health status of Indian women?

Q: Why do Indian women have poor health as compared to European women? Does non-vegetarian food improve the resistance in the body?

A:The demographics of physical attainment, general health and longevity are a result of the complex interactions of heredity, childhood exposures, environment, dietary habits and so on. People who emigrate to other countries with higher standards of living tend to have children whose health qualities come to resemble the average for natives of the new country. However, the parents may still have the health disadvantages of the country of their youth, and may develop premature cardiovascular and respiratory disorders. But the diet today in first world countries leads to obesity and adverse consequences that are related to environment rather than heredity. In this sense, the risk factors and adverse outcomes are coming closer together all the time for all middle class people who are not deprived as a consequence of poverty. A well balanced vegetarian diet is healthier for all groups and a diet with a heavy preponderance of meats is considered more dangerous to virtually every organ in the body. The ideal diet is in fact a vegetarian one with vitamin supplementation and iron if needed in the individual case.


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