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What is the reason for pain in my vagina?

Q: I am suffering from pain in my vagina for the past one week. Two months back when I faced a similar problem, I went to see the gynaecologist and was prescribed 2 x 500 mg of Azithromycin and the pain subsidised. I am a mother of an 8 months old baby who is under lactation and I am using Copper T. We normally have sex every day and because of this pain, penetration is very painful.

A:This is a difficult question to answer because you don't say which part of the vagina is painful. If it painful deep inside, the problem may be something to do with the Copper T. If it is at the entrance then it may be an infected cyst (called a Bartholin's cyst) or a vaginitis. Presumably the gynaecologist previously examined you and told you what the problem was. In any case you need to be re-examined and perhaps take antibiotics for a longer duration.


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