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What is the reason for numbness while sleeping?

Q: My wife is 36 years old. She feels numbness in her hands and legs sometimes while sleeping. The doctor said that its sleep paralysis & prescribed Clonodril-O, Flumusaforts, Tripleacal, Autrin and Nurokind. I took the medicine for 3 months, but found no improvement. Please advise

A:By numbness if you mean, loss of sensation (or altered sensation with pins and needles), then it is likely that your wife is having some form of nerve involvement, which we call as Neuropathy. This can be a result of a variety of causes, the commonest being diabetes. However, in young patients (your wife is only 36 years), there can be many other causes, which need to be investigated especially when your wife hasn't got any benefit from medications given by her doctor for 3 months. I will advise you to seek an opinion from a neurologist.


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