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What is the reason for minor wounds at the anal opening?

Q: I am 30 years old. I have a problem in passing motion. Last month the skin at the anal opening had minor wounds due to dry and hard motion. The doctor told me to sit in luke warm salt water. He gave me an ointment to apply. In addition, he recommended to drink Fybogel drink. I continued this for one week and all became normal. Now after 3-4 weeks, the same problem and minor wounds in the anal opening have appeared again. Why is it happening? I drink only 4-5 glasses of water. Is it because of this? I don't exercise regularly. I am a computer engineer hence have to sit and work. Please advise.

A:The anal symptoms that you complain of are most likely due to the formation of anal fissures. These are linear wounds at the anal canal which are known to cause anal pain, especially during passing stools. They are often worse when you are constipated. The diagnosis can be confirmed if your doctor does a per rectal examination. In your case rectal examination is most important if it has not been done so far. The treatment modalities include taking stools softeners so that you are not constipated. These include isabgol, agarol, cremmafin, etc. Take plenty of fluids, drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. Sitz bath and local application of ointment to hasten the healing process. Some commonly used ointments available in market include Annovate, Faktu, Proctosedyl (your doctor can suggest the right one).


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