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What is the reason for low levels of testosterone?

Q: I am a 22 year old male. I have a low level of testosterone at 1.94 whereas the normal range is 2.8-8.0. I feel I have lost interest in sex since 6 months. I consulted an endocrinologist and then he suggested some tests from where I found about low level of testosterone. I want to know the main causes of this, and is this permanently curable; what is the treatment for this and how long the treatment needs to be followed?

A:You seems to have hypogonadism which can be because of problem either at level of testes or at pituitary gland (an endocrine gland situated in the brain which controls action of many other glands, also known as master gland) or some other cause. The next tests required are LH and FSH to differentiate between testicular cause and pituitary cause. If these hormones are high, then it means testicular problem otherwise its a pituitary lesion. To further localise the lesion we have a battery of tests. The best person for this is an endocrinologist and not a sex therapist. Depending upon the cause, treatment is available for most of diseases leading to hypogonadism. So please consult an endocrinologist.


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