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What is the reason for floater and flashes after cataract surgery?

Q: I am 56 years old with controlled diabetes mellitus since 12 years. I had a cataract surgery in my right eye 9 weeks ago. It was phacoemulsification procedure, involving placement of a foldable IOL. There were no problems post-surgery, except the following, for which I seek your expert advice: a) 3 weeks after the surgery, I could see light flashes, which have reduced somewhat now. The doctor examined my eye and ruled out retinal detachment. Can these flashes of light be cured? b) 3 weeks after the surgery, I also saw two floaters, which I have somehow got used to and don't bother me much. Can it be cured and how? c) just a few days ago (9 weeks after surgery), I have excessive watering in my eyes and use of tabard and spersadexoline have made little difference. What should I do?

A:Flashes and floaters after any eye surgery can be due to two factors: 1. Vitreous jelly traction on the retina and partial vitreous detachment from the retina, which is benign and 2. Retinal detachment which is rare nowadays. Thus, the retina and vitreous is examined and if there is no evidence of retinal detachment, one is assured that the vitreous jelly will condense and the flashes and floaters will ultimately disappear. Excessive watering months after cataract surgery should be evaluated by the operating surgeon for various causes.


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