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What is the reason for dry eyes with cloudy vision?

Q: I am a 34 years old man, and I feel dryness in my eyes and it seems that my vision too has reduced. Sometimes, when I sit in front of the computer for sometime my vision becomes cloudy. I live in a place where pollution is too much and there is too much dust. When I had gone out of town, I found my vision to be absolutely clear. What may be the cause? I also feel glare under sunlight. I fear it might be cataract. Please help.

A:Dry eyes feeling is common in dry, heated or air-conditioned offices and as a result the cornea or surface of the eye becomes irritable and sensitive to bright lights (photophobia), More so if you don't blink your eyes (purposely or due to engrossing activity) while reading, watching TV or working with computers, the symptoms seem worse. The eye surface abnormality also causes blurring of vision. It cannot be cataract as your vision improves when you are not working. Get your eyes checked and if you need glasses, wear photochromic (changer) glasses. Usually dry eyes are caused as part of aging process (not at your age) or in arthritis or auto immune diseases. If the symptoms bother you, try the following: 1. Blink eyes frequently. 2. Wash your eyes with plain water. 3. Use artificial teardrops. Wear sunglasses in sunny situations to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays of the sun.


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