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What is the reason for discharge after hernia operation?

Q: My father aged 70 years underwent a hernia operation on both sides. It was a normal operation and a net was put inside. He is still having some discharge. He had problem of hernia for 5 years, but could get it operated only now. The doctor says the net being a foreign element causes tissue reaction and fluid oozes out. What could be the reason?

A:After a surgery like hernia, most persons have no discharge. A discharge means: a. (most likely) there is a mild infection that will clear up in few days with dressings. b. (less likely) there is an infection that will require a very minor procedure to empty the pus c. (least likely) there is an complication that is commoner after laparoscopic surgery, but can also rarely occur after open surgery, such as a discharging seroma (clear fluid: this will clear up after a few days); or a discharging tubercular sinus (this will need testing of the discharge fluid and will not clear up without antibiotics). You doctor will take a decision based on the colour of the discharge, presence or absence of pain and fever, and time elapsed.


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