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What diet precautions should be taken after peptic ulcer surgery?

Q: I am a 24 years old student who had peptic ulcer surgery 15 days back. What diet precautions should be taken? The doctor suggested to avoid alcohol, spicy food, smoking, tea and coffee. My friends also told me to avoid eating non-vegetarian food for six months.

A:I note that you have had surgery for peptic ulcer recently. In the last three decades surgery for peptic ulcer has become very rare as early diagnosis and treatment with very potent anti-ulcer drugs as well as eradication of the bacteria called H.pylori have been very effective. I am not sure what sort of surgery you have had, and I assume that it is Vagotomy (cutting the nerve to the stomach acid producing glands, so that a diminished volume of available acid) and Pyloroplasty, (where the outlet from the stomach is widened to empty the stomach of acid). There is no need to restrict your food and you should eat and drink normally. If on the other hand if your operation involved removal of part of the stomach, the volume of stomach left behind will be small and you may need to have small meals at frequent intervals.


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