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What is the reason for continuos bleeding and stomach infection?

Q: I delivered a baby eight months back. Till 5 months my periods were regular and used too happen on the 24th of every month. But three months back they were delayed by 4 days and happened on 28th. Then next month they didn't occur and finally happened the month next to it. For the past 2-3 days I have stomach infection and I can see some blood clotting also. Are these periods again? I had previously suffered from cervical erosion but was cured by cryo treatment last year. I am also a hypothyroid patient but my TSH levels are in control. We were using condoms for birth control. What is the best birth control method suitable for me, oral pills or copper-t?

A:Periods getting delayed bt 2-3 days does happen once in a while. However, the bleeding that you are having is not alright. Is it after intercourse? If yes, it could be due to the cervical erosion which is not completely covered up, or has recurred following delivery. You must ensure that this bleed is not a complication of a repeat pregnancy. You need to get a beta serum HCG or an ultrasensitive urine test for HCG done. Also, you need to get a pelvic scan done. Further treatment depends upon these results. You must also get your TSH tested to see whether your thyroid status is under control. If you have suffered from pelvic infection and are having an erosion, the Cu-T will not suit you. However, before prescribing the oral pills, the menstrual problem needs to be resolved, and one must sure you do not have any contraindications for taking the pills.


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