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What is the reason for back pain following ejaculation?

Q: After I have ejaculation through intercourse or masturbation I feel a burning pain on the middle of the back, which is also felt at the opposite side on the left upper abdomen. The pain lasts for a few days and then goes away. Sometimes a burning sensation is also felt in my feet. Prolonged abstinence completely cures the problem and when I again have ejaculation the pain reappears. What could be the cause? I do not have diabetes or hypertension.

A:Low backache and vague abdominal discomfort following ejaculation could be caused by disease conditions of the prostate or seminal vesicles. The commonly prevalent Chronic Prostatitis (or Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, CPPS) may affect approximately 10% of men sometimes in their lifetime. You would need a physical examination including a rectal examination, and necessary investigations like blood and urine examinations. Imaging studies like ultrasonography and semen examination may also be required. Treatment for Chronic Prostatitis is done with alpha-blockers and low dose co-trimoxazole or quinolone group of drugs over 8 to 10 weeks and usually takes care of symptoms effectively.


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