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What is the purpose of these drugs?

Q: I have a 67 years old father in law. He has been taking medicines for last 4 years. I want to know for which disease are these drugs used for and what are their side effects? The names of the drugs are given below. Nitrocontin-2.6 mg, Montair-10, Ecosprin-75mg, Ramcor-5, Ramcor-H-5, Aztor-10, Metilda forte, Glycomet-GP-1, Clavix-75mg, Teczine-5mg, Theobid-200mg, Neurobion forte.

A:(a) Nitrocontin is for coronary artery disease/angina. Its side effects include headache, flushes, syncope, increased heart rate, dizziness, cyanosis, vomiting, methaemoglobinaemia, respiratory impairment on large dose. (b) Montair is for asthma. (c) Theobid is for asthma. (d) Ecosprin is to make the blood thinner in heart patients. However if given to patients of high blood pressure, it can cause stroke. It must not be used in patients of asthma. (e) Clavix is to make the blood thinner in heart patients. Its side effects include bleeding episodes, gastrointestinal upset, mouth ulcers, diarrhoea, rash. Lung disorders. Nervous system, liver, biliary or blood disorders. Acute liver failure. Bruising, pruritis, dizziness, headache, neutropaenia (low white cell count). Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Toxic epidermal necrolysis (can be serious problem), muscle pain and inflammation of pancreas. (f) Ramcor is for blood pressure. (g) Ramcor H is similar to Ramcor but contains a diuretic and is for blood pressure. However a duretic if given to a diabetic can make the disease worse. (h) Teczine is for allergy. (i) Aztor is to lower cholesterol. However in diabetics the cholesterol levels rise and hence better glucose control is required. Once this is done, the cholesterol levels come down. The side effects of Aztor (atorvastatin) include gastrointestinal upset, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, asthenia, sleeplessness, rash. Flu-like syndrome, sinusitis. Elevated live enzymes (ALT & CPK levels) in blood. Nerve disorders. Tendon rupture. Poor memory, muscle disorders, rhabdomyolysis (potentially serious problem) with kidney dysfunction. (j) Glycomet GP is for diabetes. (k) Neurobion is a combination of B-1, B-6 and B-12 vitamins (banned abroad in advanced countries due to lack of claimed efficacy). (l) Metilda Forte is an irrational combination of vitamin B-12, B-6, folic acid and lipoic acid. Thus vitamins B-6 and B-12 are being consumed twice i.e. in Neurobion Forte and Metilda.


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