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What is the problem with my eyes?

Q: I have a problem with my eyes and have shown it to doctors in Kolkata and Lucknow but they say that it cant be treated. They have not said what the disease is. I am from Andaman and my local opthalmologist says it is bilateral planitis. According to him the problem is that I have some extra protein in my body and reacts with other components and the product is deposited in my eye. I have some thread like structure flowing in my eye and they also have beads like structures. Can you suggest what this problem is or whether it can be cured or not? To reduce the reaction the doctors have prescribed me prednisolone/wysolone tablets and sometimes they give injections in my eyes too. Please advise.

A:It appears you have Pars planitis or Intermediate uveitis. The treatment is systemic or injectable steroids as has been done. It can be controlled with that and sometimes it may go into remission that is no more recurrences. Also take care of intraocular pressure as that can be raised with the treatment (glaucoma).


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