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What is the mode of use of Aspirin in cardiac emergency?

Q: My doctor asked me to take Aspirin and Nitroglycerin, in case of heart attack, as a preventive/ first aid measure. He asked me to chew Disprin and keep Nitroglycerin under my tongue. What does he mean by chewing Dispirin? Does chewing mean to chew it like a chewing gum, crushing it with teeth or keep it on the tongue like a chocolate? Can I swallow it, or dissolve it in the water and drink? What is the mode of Aspirin use in cardiac emergencies?

A:You can swallow low-dose aspirin such as Colsprin 100mg or Ecosprin 75mg. The purpose is to make the blood thinner. However isosorbide dinitrate (Sorbitrate) should be kept under the tongue since it will reach the heart directly by being absorbed in the mouth. Nitroglycerine is usually given by injection.


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