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What is the latest refractive error correction technique?

Q: I would really appreciate if you could provide me details regarding refractive error correction through Zyoptix. Recently I came to know that there is a new technology in which there is no need of creating a flap. Is this true?

A:The suitability for laser vision correction depends more on the corneal thickness (which can be tested through various tests - Lasik work up) then on the eye power, so high power can also be treated accurately if the person has adequate thickness of cornea. Zyoptix is a customised form of Laser vision correction in which the flap is created with microkeratome (blade) and cornea is reshaped with laser beams, giving a customised vision. Initially, the patient would be required to undergo certain pre-evaluation tests so as to examine the corneal thickness and other clinical details in order to check the suitability of the eyes for the procedure. The patient needs to undertake these tests at least one day prior to the surgery date. In case the patient wears soft contact lenses then discontinue wearing it 1 week prior to your date of appointment or in case of RGP lenses then 3 weeks prior to the date of appointment for the Lasik work up. Surgery Procedure Time: The complete procedure takes 20-25 minutes including the pre-operative preparation time and post operative examination time. The person can go back home after that and can resume normal work right from the next day. The i-Lasik procedure is the latest procedure (Intralase + Custom Vue) in which the corneal flap is created without using a blade with only the help of laser beams. It is the most advanced technique to correct vision without ever touching the eye - giving a crisp and clear vision. It is approved by NASA & US Army.


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