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What is the interpretation of rubella immunoglobulin levels?

Q: I am a 25 years old pregnant woman and my rubella IgG - 143 positive and IgM - 0.15 negative. What does positive rubella IgG and negative IgM rubella mean?

A:A postive rubella IgG means you have had infection in the past and you have developed natural immunity. A negative Rubella IgM means the infection is not recent. The report is good - so continue with your pregnancy. In fact, we usually vaccinate adolescent girls, and those coming for premaital and prepregnancy counseling if they are IgG and IgM negative for Rubella. This is because infection with the Rubella virus (German measles) during pregnancy (especially first 14 weeks) can lead to numerous birth defects in the baby, and abortion is usually recommended.


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