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What is the immunization and ultrasound schedule during pregnancy?

Q: My wife is pregnant (compeleted 5 months). (i) Please let us know the names and number of injections to be taken during pregnancy and their dosage schedule. (ii) Also tell us about ultrasound test and its interval. Does it have any effect on the baby?

A:Immunization against tetanus is given in the sixth and seventh months of pregnancy. No other injections are specified in a normal pregnancy. The Obstetrician decides, on a case to case basis, if any are needed. Usually three ultrasounds are done: one in early pregnancy to see the viability of the fetus; second one at 16-18 weeks to exclude any congenital malformation in the baby; and the third after 8 months of pregnancy to see the proper growth of the baby. However, more ultrasounds may be required in specific cases and the Obstetrician is to decide on that. There is no harmful effect of ultrasound on the baby or the mother.


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