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What is the ideal diet after a kidney transplant?

Q: I had undergone kidney transplant last year and want to know about post-transplant diet. Can I consume ghee and in what amount? Also, as I am already underweight (37kg) for my height (5' 1") and age 33years, I request you to guide me about what needs to be consumed to increase the weight, specially after a transplant.

A:Clearly, you are underweight and most likely malnourished after having been on dialysis for unspecified period. Now that you have received a kidney transplant, you will likely put on weight and chances are you may become overweight or obese unless you adopt a healthy lifestyle. Your appetite will improve and so will your food intake as dietary restrictions are eliminated now. Other reason for weight gain will be prednisone and other immunosuppressants which cause fluid retention and alter your lipid metabolism and increase your cholesterol levels. So, I shall suggest that you increase your protein intake rather than concentrating on ghee to correct malnutrition. The overall guidelines for diet after a kidney transplant are the same as for all healthy adults. · Eat a variety of foods · Reach and stay at a healthy weight · Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, and grain products · Choose foods with less fat, saturated fat and cholesterol · Use less salt and sugar The main things to remember are: · You may need more protein that before surgery (good sources of protein are white meat, eggs, milk and dairy products, pulses and soybean etc) · Most people no longer need to limit phosphorus or potassium · Good sources of calcium are needed daily (specially in you as you will be prone to osteoporosis) · Fluids are encouraged, not restricted · Many people still need to limit sodium intake · There is potential for weight gain especially in the first 3-6 months after transplant as I mentioned earlier · If you have diabetes, blood sugar may be more difficult to control FINALLY, exercise regularly


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