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What is the effective contraception after delivery?

Q: I had a c-section last year and would like to reduce my waistline. I am 52 kg for a height of 162cm. Can I do exercises and the gym if I wish to, after nine months of my pregnancy? I would like to avoid the risk of being pregnant again, so kindly suggest me some good method of contraception. I am aware of Mala-d and other pills and copper-T, but I don't want to use them and my husband does not always use the condom. Is there some other safe method to avoid conception? I had to use I-pill once because we didn't take the precautions. Can I take I-pill after unsafe intercourse? Will it affect me? Kindly tell me about the frequency of taking such pills and some safe and yet effective method to avoid conception.

A:You can do exercises or yoga under the supervision of an expert. Also, please note that your diet should be nutritious - your weight seems just right for your height. You can take i-pill during unsafe sex - but remember failure rate is around 2%. Taking it frequently can lead to irregular menses. You can read details on the website of i-pill. You have to pay a price for everything in life. I do not know why you are averse to taking the oral contraceptive pill? If there are no contraindications - it is the best as far as efficacy is concerned. I do not advise a Cu-T for women after CS (though theoretically it can be inserted). These days some new OCPs are available- like Janya and Yasmin that are better as far as effect on lipids and weight gain is concerned. Please consult a gynaecologist for more personalised advice.


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