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What is the effect of smoking during pregnancy?

Q: I have had a beautiful & normal child 3.5 yrs back.. am pregnant a second time. have been smoking for the last 2 yrs.. an average of 2 cigarettes a day. I did not know I was pregnant the first month & I was smoking about 4 a day. I am off it now, but the first 20 days of conception I had been smoking. Is it going to harm my baby?I need to know this truthfully. This is almost the end of my 3rd month . Thank you.

A:Cigarette smoking in general is not good in pregnancy. If you have completely quit now, the baby should be fine. As few as you have smoked so far, I dont see any major damage done. Please try to not pick up cigarettes again, after the baby is born. Kids raised in smoking households tend to get more infections, colds, and other problems. All the best with this pregnancy.


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