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What is the effect of long term use of painkillers and antibiotics?

Q: What is the effect of painkillers and antibiotics taken on sustained basis by an adult for recurrent throat infections and cervical spondylosis with rheumatoid arthritis?

A:There are many classes and types of antibiotics and antibacterials with specific uses, precautions and side effects. The same is true for painkillers. Unless specific, full details are given we are unable to provide information. However it can be safely stated that antibiotics are grossly over-used and abused in India even when the infection is of viral origin. As per one WHO survey over 66% of antibiotic use in India is not needed, and hence dangerous. Overuse leads to development of resistance in the organisms over time, leading to treatment failures. Similarly many painkillers such as nimesulide (sold under various trade names such as Nise, Nimulid etc) are sold in India though they are either not permitted or banned in western countries due to their unacceptable side effects.


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