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What is the cure for Retinitis pigmentosa ?

Q: I am 26 years old male and a Software Engineer by profession. Last year I was diagnosed to have a Restricted Field of vision. I believe this has no cure as of date. This is known as Retinitis Pigmentosa as I have read a few articles on the net. Now first of all is it true that this problem has no cure on planet earth. Secondly how long will it take on the average for a patient affected by this condition to become totally blind? Is there no way I can delay the outcome? I am kind of worried on the same as I have an entire life ahead of me. I am a normal person with no known medical problems ever from day one and this comes as a bolt from the blue to me. I have problems in seeing fast moving objects and as far as seeing in the dark is concerned, I do have a problem when I enter a dark place from a very bright place but then I do get adjusted after some time. Please guide me.

A:Retinitis pigmentosa is not visually disabling in all cases, the progression depends on the age of onset family history, genetic type, at present there is no established cure. If there is any visual defect at present you can try low vision aids; your profession is the ideal profession for you. In retinitis pigmentosa there is peripheral field defect and rarely central field defect you need to slightly modify your life style so that you avoid darkness in the evenings.


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