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What is the cure for my husband's problems?

Q: I want to ask a question about my husband who is having some kind of infection on his penis. There was dryness three months ago and it still lasts. He has used some medicines but not got relief. The doctors asked him to wash it every time after he passes urine so he does so but in vain. He still has the same dryness, rather is drier than before and itches too. I would like to tell one more thing that my husband is taking Carbamazepine 200 mg four times a day as he had some neurology problem. Initially, he used to take Gabapentin but stopped it as it was causing erection problem. But, inspite of stopping it, he has difficulty in penetrating. He is 49 years old. I want a solution to his problems?

A:Thanks for a very clear description of the problem your husband has. There are issues, which would need to be sorted out in person by the Specialists in your reach. 1. His local problem with the itching and dryness on the glans. A dermatologist would be a better person to diagnose some dermatological condition or any skin infection and treat appropriately. 2. His erectile dysfunction issue. It has several sub issues to be considered. Your treating doctor will have to make certain that none of the drugs he is on could take away his desire to perform sex (libido) or adversely affect his erectile functions. 3. If his performance in the bedroom in the past was to your satisfaction and has deteriorated now, then he has much better chance recover completely. 4. It is also important to re-look into the Neurology ailment you mentioned as in itself it could lead to sexual dysfunction. 5. It may be worthwhile ruling out diabetes and any sexually transmitted disease. Over and above you will have to accept it that the sexual activity is a kind of mind set and has a lot of overall psychological factors to play a role. It would be appropriate for you keep other general factors in mind as his current mental status, mental tension, etc. Any major environmental or significant changes in your relationship could play a major negative role. Kindly take him to a urologist and a dermatologist they will sort out his problem.


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