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What is the cause of spotting after exercising?

Q: I am 28 years old and gave birth to a baby 5 months ago by c-section because she was breech. A week ago, I was doing my abdominal workout routine. The next day I got some light brownish spotting that lasted for about 4-5 days, becoming very light by the 4th and 5th day. There was no pain except for the usual bloating and very minor cramps. I know that it was not my period because I just had them 2 weeks ago. Could this be a result of excessive exercise? How long should I wait to resume such exercises? How long does it take for a c-section to completely heal? My periods were never regular before my pregnancy and I conceived on clomid, but after the delivery they seem to be regularised. Are my periods becoming irregular again? Before conceiving my gynaecologist said that everything was OK, just that I wasn't ovulating regularly. Please advise.

A:You can start light exercises and walking by about 4-5 months. The bleeding is unrelated to the exercise. It may have been the period returning. You need to take a contraceptive now. The caesarean scar heals completely in about 2 years, so pregnancy should be avoided before that. You can continue to exercise.


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