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What is the cause of seizures when the brain is normal?

Q: What are focal seizures? My son is 4 years old and he is autistic. He had seizures once and after a month he had seizures again. His MRI is absolutely normal with no complications. Hence the cause of seizures could not be detected. He has been put on anti-convulsant drug (tegrital syrup) for about 2 years. If we stop the drug, will the seizures stop forever? What could be the cause of seizures as MRI is normal? Can forceps delivery be the cause of autism?

A:Focal seizures mean that convulsions or fits do not involve the whole body but only a part of it e.g. one arm or one leg or facial twitchings, etc. Usually they are not associated with loss of consciousness. MRI only tells us that the brain is normal structurally. EEG may be able to tell us whether there is any abnormal discharge from the brain responsible for convulsions. If the child is seizure free for 2-3 years, is neurologically normal and EEG is normal then gradually anticonvulsants can be taken off and most of the children will not have recurrence of seizures. Meningitis at 2 months could be the cause of seizures and abnormal neurological behaviour. I don't think forceps delivery can cause autism.


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