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What is the cause of pain in underarms, around the breast?

Q: Sometimes the area under my arms start paining a lot. This has been happening from the past 2-3 years. The area also itches on touching. A ball like thing comes in hand on touching the portion under the arms. Initially it was under one arm only. But now it seems to be under both the arms. The pain disappears automatically after certain days, but returns after sometime. And the cycle goes on. What could this be? Is it related to an ovarian cyst? My breast pains a lot while running and sometimes generally.

A:This question is difficult to answer without actually examining you. The breast tissue often extends to the area under the armpits: this is called the axillary tail of the breast. Breast tissue can become swollen and painful during a certain phase in the menstrual cycle. In all probability this is what is happening to you, but only a doctors examination can tell for certain. This condition should be easily treatable. However, you will have to visit your surgeon. Most ovarian cysts are not hormonally active. Therefore these lumps are probably unrelated to your ovarian cyst. However, your doctor will need to check this, because, rarely, ovarian cysts can secrete large quantities of hormone.


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