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What is the cause of increase in epithelial cell count?

Q: My 28 years old wife urine report shows 25-30 pus cells and 10-15 epithelial cells. Early the pus cells were 80-100 and epithelial cells were 2-3. She has undergone medical treatment for ten days. What is the cause of increase in epithelial cell count? What is the normal level of pus cells and epithelial cells in women?

A:Various types of cells that may be found on microscopic examination in urine are white blood cells (that you call as pus cells), red blood cells and epithelial cells. Epithelial cells are contamination in urine while it is passing through urethra. Some epithelial cells may also be contributed by vaginal secretions. White blood cells in normal urine in health may range up to 5 in men and up to 10 in women in one high power field under the microscope. Commonest cause of increased white cells in urine is acute or chronic urinary infection. Stones in urinary tract or any non-infective inflammation of the kidney or bladder may also increase the number of shed white cells. One does not need to worry about these cells unless these are associated with symptoms, or are persistently high. High number of white cells may persist in urine for long periods even after successful treatment of infection during the healing process.


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