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What is the cause for sudden elevation in blood sugar?

Q: My father's blood sugar level rose to 500. He has no history of high sugar earlier. What can be the cause of sudden rise in the sugar level? He is 55 years old and under medication for hypertension and low potassium level. His gall bladder was removed 5 years ago. His triglyceride level rose and is testosterone level has dropped since the last six months.

A:High blood sugar is most likely due to Diabetes. Your father has multiple risk factors for Diabetes (hypertension over weight, Indian). He might mot had his glucose /sugar checked in recent months. Sometimes, diabetes is discovered when a person seeks medical help for another problem. However, most people with type 2 diabetes have no symptoms at all, and the diagnosis is often delayed for more than five years. Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes can be a frightening and overwhelming experience for some patients, and it is common to have questions about why it developed, what it means for long-term health, and how it will affect everyday life. For most patients, the first few months after being diagnosed are filled with emotional highs and lows. Persons with newly-diagnosed diabetes, as well as their families, can use this time to learn as much as possible so that diabetes-related care (e.g., self-blood glucose testing, medical appointments, daily medications) becomes a normal part of the daily routine. 1. Persons who are newly diagnosed should talk to their Endocrinologist (Diabetologist) about resources that are available for medical as well as psychological support. 2. Low potassium may relate to medication? You will have to check this with your doctor 3. Low testosterone. It depends upon what time the blood sample has been taken - ideally 9 am and if this test is free testosterone or total and some medication can have some effect. 4. High triglycerides are due to high sugar, so most important is to control sugar. 5. Chest pain could be due to angina (ischaemic heart disease), which is very common in somebody who has diabetes and hypertension. In summary as per limited information you have given us, your father has most likely newly diagnosed Diabetes and it is better for him to see a doctors (preferably Endocrinologist) as soon as possible, since he also has chest pain which can be serious.


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