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What is the cause for stomach pain during late pregnancy?

Q: My wife is pregnant and expecting the baby next month. For the past few days she has been complaining of stomach ache. For this illness we had taken her to a doctor, who diagnosed her as having insufficient water content in her placenta. She had advised her bed rest and couple of saline bottles a day. Also suggested that if things do not improve in three days, probably go for a caesarian section to protect the babies life. 1) What are the plausible reasons for these symptoms, lack of water content in placenta, which could be avoided at this point of time? 2) What is normal course of treatment for such cases? 3) Is it to do with my wife being overweight, weighing 89 kgs now?

A:In late stages of pregnancy the baby tends to go down with stretching of the lower segment of the womb. This can be cause of discomfort. The pain could be due to threatened before time labour. In either case you must visit the doctor. The decrease in water content could due to several reasons - leakage, intrauterine infection, decreased formation. Your doctor can investigate and find out. You need to be seen before management can be decided which depends on the cause of these problems. This has nothing to do with your wife's weight.


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