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What is the cause for redness and continuos itching in my son's eyes?

Q: My 3.5-year-old son is suffering from eye problem from the past 1.5 years. His eyes are totally red and he rubs them continuously. For the past 3 months, he is not able to see sunlight. Some white spot has emerged on the left eye due to continuous rubbing. The eye specialist says this dangerous. My son is not ready to put eye drops. The doctor advised to put an ointment. What should we do for this type of disease?

A:From the details that you have mentioned, I understand that your son must be suffering from a common disease in children's eyes called allergic conjunctivitis. In this condition, a child get a red eyes which cause a lot of itching, leading the child to rub his eyes often, which usually increases the itching and the cycle continues for a few months to years. Sometimes the problem occur in the same season every year. The best way to handle this problem is to strictly avoid rubbing the eyes and wash the eyes with cold water whenever itching occurs. Your eye specialist would have given you one of many anti allergic eye drops, which may need to be put for many months. Do consult your eye specialist regularly.


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