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What is the cause for pelvic pain in pregnancy?

Q: I am 28 years old and 16 weeks pregnant. Over the past 2 weeks, I have been experiencing pain in the pelvic area in the left side. It is aggravated due to walking. What is the cure?

A:Pain during pregnancy of 16 weeks could be due to many causes like urinary infection/ fibroid uterus/ appendicitis/impending abortion - of these the most common is urinary infection. You will need to have a physical check up, blood and urine tests and also maybe a sonography to find out the cause of the pain and treatment accordingly. If it is a urinary infection, a course of antibiotics along with plenty of fluids and some urinary painkiller- should suffice. In case of a fibroid with a red degeneration, you may need to have rest, painkillers and antibiotics course- but no surgery at all. If there is an ovarian cyst causing pain, it may need to be removed depending on size. Similarly, if it is an appendix it will need removal surgically through laparoscopy or open surgery.


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